Monday, June 18, 2007

Looking good....

First off, a very Happy late Father's Day to all the dads out there. I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. I know we did. We all went over to Doug's parents' house and bbq'd and swam. I think we all get a bit too much sun though! But the kids did have a blast swimming and boy did they conk out fast last night. Ryann pretty much fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Doogie was pretty pleased with himself, that he can now go in the pool without any floaties since he passed the swim test (he has to jump in at the deep end and swim all the way to the other end of the pool without touching the bottom or going to the side of the pool). He still has to make sure that someone knows he's in the deep end though so that we can keep an eye on him!

Ryann is wearing underwear today! I have kept meaning to start working on potty training with her, but figured I would wait until after the move and school was done with so that I could devote more time to making sure I "reminded" her to use the pottty frequently. But she pretty much decided to do it on her own. Yesterday she kept going in to sit on the potty, she didn't do anything (she usually told us after she had already gone), but that is still a good sign. So I figure now that we don't usually have to be anywhere and the weather is nice, she can just run around in her underwear. So we'll see how well she does, hopefully she will be officially potty trained soon and I will just have Jaxon in diapers...well until this little guy arrives!

I had my OB appointment today. I'm a little past 34 weeks now and if I do go into labor now they wouldn't stop it. However, it looks like the little guy has been behaving himself and I'm still at 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced and he said that my cervix didn't have the feel of going into pre-term labor at this time. So that was good news! My blood pressure was back to normal this week (last week it was a little high) and I lost 4 pounds! That didn't surprise me too much since I haven't had much of an appetite lately...probably the heat, it just takes everything out of you! So I go back in next Monday for a quick check to make sure things are still staying the same...he's going to squeeze me in as soon as he gets there in the afternoon since he is going to be gone all morning for some meeting. Hopefully he won't be late getting out of it! He was running a bit behind today so I was actually almost there for a couple hours! Oh and did I forget to mention that I have an end in sight?! LOL! We talked about inducing me on a certain day so that we could hopefully get Doug here in time for it. He said that technically they can't induce me until I'm 39 weeks along....but since I tend to go early (Doogie and Ryann were 1 week early, Jaxon was 2 and Jayde was 3 weeks) he said that to go in earlier than 39 weeks I would need to get an amnio done first to prove that the baby's lungs were mature and then if that came back good than he can induce me. So I go in July 12th to have an amnio done, they will get the results back on the 13th and then on the 14th they will induce unless I go into labor earlier than that (and there is still a chance that could happen) this little guy will be coming on the 14th of July! :) So I told Doug to start looking for plane tickets!

It also doesn't look like the FBI transfer to Richland is going to pan out for us. :( There is still a slight chance that it could happen, but it doesn't look promising. So keep your fingers crossed for us that one of the other jobs that Doug has been looking at falls into place for us and that he'll be back home with us in WA really soon. I know we are all really missing him and there isn't a day that goes by that the kids don't mention him. Usually with a "I miss Daddy", it's kind of heartbreaking to hear that. And it can't be that fun for Doug being all the way over in NJ by himself either.

So anyways, that's the latest news on us. I will keep you posted as I hear things! :)

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