Friday, June 8, 2007

7 Weeks or less...

And it is looking like it is going to be much less I'm not sure yet! I'm at 33 weeks right now and just had my doctor's appointment with my old OB...finally got in to see him! I have been feeling a ton of pressure lately, lots of braxton hicks and maybe some actual contractions, not to mention the baby feels like he has dropped. Looks like I was right, since they decided to check me out to be on the safe side and I'm already 2 1/2 cm dialated and 50% effaced. He said it could be nothing considering that I've already had a bunch of kids or I could be in pre-term labor. So to be on the safe side I got a steriod shot today and have to go into labor and delivery tomorrow morning (since he will be on call) and he will give me my other one there. This is so just in case I do go into early labor it will help the baby's lungs develop faster. Then I will come back in and see him on Monday since he wants to check me again and see how I'm doing. He will actually be on call that day as well but he's making an exception for me and going to come back to office just to see me. So I get the special treatment already! LOL! He did one test today, but it wasn't the one that he hadn't wanted to do. So I think he will do the fetal protein test on Monday when he see's me and that will help tell him if I'm in pre-term labor or not. He didn't put me on bedrest officially, but told me to take it easy and all that fun stuff. He also sounded a bit ticked off that this was the first time he had seen me considering I got into town at the beginning of April and when I told him it was because they wouldn't see me because they hadn't gotten my records yet, he did not like that at all. So I think he is going to be talking to people about that! I also asked him what the chances were for him inducing me on a certain date so that Doug could be there for it. He said I had a good chance of that as long as I didn't go into early labor on my own, and he'll be able to tell me more about when that will be when he see's me on Monday. So that's my exciting day so far!

It was also the last day of school for Doogie, so summer has officially started here. I don't even know why they bothered to have Kindergarten today though anyway since they only went for about an hour! But then they did get to take a tour of the new school that they will be in next year.

So otherwise everything is going fine. Ryann is back to normal and the impetigo is pretty much all gone. She has just another day left on her antibiotics. And the good news is that none of the other kids got it! I am keeping an eye on Jaxon though since he's eye looks like it might be bugging him, it looks better this morning though after he had his bath...of course it has to be on a Friday too! So we'll see how it looks later.

Anyways, that's about all the news for now. But I will keep you posted if anything changes! :)

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