Monday, June 11, 2007

Still hanging in there...

Saw my OB this morning for a recheck. My blood pressure was slightly elevated...which is unusual for me, I don't usually have a problem with high blood pressure. When he checked me I was up to 3 cm dialated (I was 2 1/2) on Friday. So he decided to do a FFN (fetal fibronectin) test. Which can basically tell you if you are in danger of going into labor early...think he said if it came back positive that I would have a 97% chance of going into labor within 10 days or so. Luckily though the test just came back negative which takes my chances of going into pre-term labor (within 10 days) down to 47%. He also decided to hook me up to the monitor for about a half hour to check for any contractions and to make sure that they baby was moving and sounding okay. All that checked out fine as well, so now I'm just back to taking it easy and keeping an eye out for any other pre-term labor signs. I will go back in to see him in a week (next Monday) and hopefully there won't be any other changes for a while and this little guy will just hang out and "cook" for a bit longer!

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