Friday, May 25, 2007

Just 9 weeks or less....

Wow, can't believe I'm already 31 weeks along! Just 9 weeks left to go.... or less! Probably less since I have gone early with all the others. Just had my doctor's appointment this afternoon and everything was looking good. Baby is growing well and heartbeat was nice and strong! They finally got all my records from NJ, but now I need to sign a release for my records from TN since they want my records from my c-section. They don't think there will be any problem having another v-bac since I already had one at the same hospital and same practice who did my c-section. But they said they would just feel better if they had my records for it.

Otherwise everything is going well!

Doogie had his Kindergarten Music Program on Thursday. It was really cute and I'm glad I was able to go to it. He had one back in NJ that I wasn't able to make it to, I had stayed home with the other kids and Doug went to it and recorded it for me. So I made sure to bring along the video camera to capture it all on tape. He is doing well in his coach-pitch...he has really improved since he first started. Before he would really shy away from the ball when it was thrown or hit to him, but now he will atleast get in front of it and try to get a mitt on it. He had a hard hit ball hit to him at his last game earlier this week and he managed to knock it down and keep it from going past him. He is also doing really well at hitting off the coach and not having to use the tee, one of these games I going to have to bring the video camera and record him playing.

Jayde is doing good too. She loves going to speech 2 days a week and working with her speech teacher. And though she doesn't officially qualify for the speech program over the summer her teacher said that she would give me a call when it started up in July and squeeze her in anyways. One of the many reasons I really like her, because she genuinely cares about these kids and wants to help them as much as she can. I have to start doing tongue exercises with Jayde. Atleast a couple times a day I have to take one of those tongue depressors and push it down gently on the middle of her tongue. I guess she has a weak middle tongue muscle and it makes it difficult for her to pronounce some of the sounds. So doing this should help strengthen that muscle and we should be seeing some improvement in a month or so. She is also improving with her t-ball as well. She is really starting to whack that ball off the tee! They are just so funny to watch at that age. It's really more like playing mob ball where everyone just races to the ball and trys to get it first!

Ryann went in for her 3 year check up today and she is looking great! She weighed 37 lbs and was 39 she is in the 90th% in both height and weight. Developmentally wise she was doing alot of things that are in the 4 year old catergory...which our doctor says puts her ahead of the game. She didn't have to get shots this time, and she doesn't have to go back in for another well check until she is 5! She did a great job cooperating and sitting still for the doctor and nurse, think she got used to it when she had all those ear infections!

Jaxon is turning into such a little boy! He is losing that baby look...I can't belive how big he is getting. He is such a funny little guy. He has discovered the art of blowing kisses and it is pretty darn sweet. He also has figured out how to "jump"! Well atleast he thinks he is jumping! It is funny to watch as he crouches down and than springs up as fast as he can and throws his arms up in the air with a huge smile! He will do it over and over again, I think he is going to have pretty strong leg muscles! His also been using sign language a bit along with some of the words he knows, not to mention picking up a bunch of new ones. He is like a little sponge!

Doug is doing well in NJ. We of course miss him like crazy. But things right now are looking pretty promising. So we just continue to keep our fingers crossed that he will be back in WA with us again very soon.

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