Monday, May 14, 2007

My Baby is Three!!

I can't believe it's already been 3 years! Where does the time go? She also shares this birthday with her cousin Zach who is 2 today. So a big happy birthday to him too! One of these days it would be nice to get together with them on this day and just have one big old party! Ryann is definitely loving all the birthday attention! She probaby thinks that every day is her birthday right now since we had her party on Saturday and it seems like she is getting something almost every day! LOL! So Happy Birthday to my little girl!! Why does each birthday seem to get harder? I mean you want them to grow and learn new things...but than again you also want to keep them just the way they are now! Guess that's why I take so many pictures...I always want to be able to remember the way they were at this age!

Oh and it looks like Mr. Jaxon isn't done getting those teeth in...he just got 6 in all at once and now he is getting two more! Poor guy, no wonder he's been a little grump lately and try to take a bite out of everyone! LOL!

And I finally got the pictures to upload....can't believe how big they are all getting! I'll try to add

some more pics later!

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