Thursday, February 11, 2010

There goes the Neighborhood

Today Rachael and I received a nice little letter from the City of Richland because one of our neighbors complained about a 12 year old dog barking and I quote “all hours + seems to be barking at nothing”. About three weeks ago, Rachael’s parents took Athena because she’s a handful and with the new baby, we wanted to reduce the stress we would have with the extra puppy. That only leaves Balder, who spends most of the day laying on blanket and looking sad. During the summer, we had a neighbor try to post a complaint to this blog about our family, and had it not been for Rachael requiring her to approve the post, it would have been automatically posted. Seriously, who does that?

So, there is someone in our neighborhood, who is reading this blog and trying to post messages and now they are complaining to the City of Richland. They obviously have to be very close to us to make the statements they have made and we are friends with most of the neighbors, except one. This begs the question, why not come over and talk to us?

So, now I need to call the City of Richland Attorney, and provide the information we have on our nice neighbor and explain to them the situation we are in. And the funny thing is, I hate barking dogs as much as the next person, so if balder was barking, I can understand the complaint. However, there was no barking or it certainly did not meet the requirements for Richland’s Animal Disturbing the Peace.

So, to our neighbor, who is reading this and trying to justify what they did, I’m a firm believer in Karma, so I’ll sit back and know, you have one coming your way…

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Kyle said...

Doug - this post makes me miss you more!!!
Congrats to both of you on the newest addition to Crowe village! Do you have your own zip code yet? May you could talk to the attorney about that too..........

Kyle (Heynen)