Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Cassie and I had our post partum check-up today. She is now 5 days old (the days have sure been going by fast!) She is for the most part a pretty content baby. The kids all adore her and are constantly asking to hold her. Not a moment goes by where they aren't surrounding me touching her head or hands and talking to her. It makes my heart swell to see how much they love her. Here are a few pictures of Ryann holding her...I need to get my camera out and capture them all with her. Ryann asked to hold her this morning after I had fed her, so I got her situated on the couch and was going to put a few dishes away in the dishwasher when I turned and saw the dishes had to wait while I grabbed my camera and caught a few shots! Anyways, back to the check-up... She is doing great! When we left the hospital she had dropped down to 7lbs even and today when they weighed her she was up to 7lbs she is starting to gain it back and they didn't seem to worried about it. They said they like to give them about 2 weeks to get back up to their birth weight and I don't think that will be a problem!
So anyways, we are all hanging in there. Trying to get on some sort of routine! We are of course a little sleep deprived, but luckily she seems to be a pretty good sleeper so far (knock on wood!) and we are able to get some sleep! Doug is home from work this whole week and than next week we will see how things go...if I need him to stay home he will, but if not than he will probably end up taking kids to and from school for me and then go to work while they are at school.
So that is about it for now. I will try to post some more pictures later! :)

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