Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 day old check-up

Cassie had her 10 day old check-up yesterday. She is looking good, a little bit jaundiced but not enough that he is concerned. She is weighing in at 7lbs 5oz so she is starting to gain back some her weight and is almost back up to her birth weight of 7lb 9oz. She is hanging out around the 50th percentile in weight, height and head circumference. We told her she had some catching up to do since her siblings were always up at the top of the chart! I'm sure she will be too, eventually! So anyways, she is looking good and growing. She didn't have to have any shots yesterday, but they did do her other PKU. She wasn't super happy about having her little foot poked but she calmed down pretty quickly and it seems she's a pretty good little bleeder and the nurse didn't have to squeeze her foot to death to get her blood samples. She will go back for another check-up in another 6 weeks (for her 2 month check-up).

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