Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

Saturday was chalk full of things to do and get done! Doogie and Jayde had a baseball game that morning and usually I just hang out and take pictures...but this game I got promoted (or demoted...) to standing behind the catcher and getting all the balls they missed and basecouching first base. It was fun though, I haven't done that part of the game for a while now. And the kids are all just improving so much from game to game. Doogie had some great hits too!

Then Doug and I had to leave the game a bit early and head on over to the golf course! No, I didn't play (and neither did Doug). I've only golfed a couple times in my life, I had fun, but I just don't have the time to develop a golf game with 5 kids! Nope, my job this time was taking pictures. We were there for the 2009 Cougar Golf Classic and I got asked to take the group pictures. That was a crazy experience (fun...but crazy!!) and I would probably of done things a bit differently next time. Doug was my driver, he drove me all over the golf course catching up to all the different groups and getting them all to pose nicely for me. Actually everyone were really good sports about getting their pictures taken (either that or they already had a couple beers and were feeling pretty good! Hey, most Cougs know how to drink! ;) ) So anyways though, it was alot of fun joking around with everyone while we were taking pictures. And you know if a couple of the pictures turned out a little bit blurry...well I'm just going to have to blame them on the jello shooters! For the most part though, the pictures turned out pretty good and I had a few people tell me "great pictures" and also alot of thank you's! Though I did feel a bit bad about the 1-2 blurry pictures...but nobody seemed to mind (except me!) Anyways, I hope I get the opportunity to do something like this again for the Cougs!

Today, we are ending the weekend (which by the way has been just beautiful, nice and warm just like I like it!) with a BBQ to celebrate Ryann's birthday. We should have family arriving shortly for it. And right on que Mr. CJ has just woken up from his nap! I will try to pull the camera out and get a few shots of everyone having fun!

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