Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Whew! I know I've been horrible at updating lately. It's getting towards the end of the school year which means for some reason everything starts kicking in high gear. I'm helping out with the school yearbook for Doogie and Jayde's school so that has been keeping me busy (and a tad stressed!), I'm also helping to do the end of the year teacher present for Ryann's class and lately it seems like I'm in someone's class helping out every day of the week! Thank goodness for grandparents who can watch the other kids for me during this time. Anyways, all the pictures I seem to be taking lately seem to be of baseball or school activities! So I need to start pulling my camera out for other things.

We've also been fighting off this darn cold that seems to be going around (no, it isn't swine flu!) Last week we were in the Dr.'s office almost every day with someone, including ER visits, Jaxon was in a couple times and then Jayde was in for her ear (she either ruptured her ear drum or had a really bad infection, she had pus coming out of her ear) either way they treat it the same way.

Last Monday, we were up in Spokane for Ryann's diabetes check up, which went fine and we also took an insulin pump class. Just one of the many hoops our insurance company makes us jump through to get a pump for her. We are hoping to get one by the time she goes to elementary school. Getting a pump would just make our lives (and of course Ryann's) so much more easier.

Ryann's birthday is coming up, and she is pretty excited about that. She checks the calendar everyday to check how many more days are left. I was going to do a family party the day of her birthday (a Thursday) but found out that Doogie has a music performance that night (and they also have baseball practice) so I think I will be doing it the weekend before her birthday since we (or atleast Doug and Ryann) are planning on going up to Seattle the weekend after her birthday to walk/run in a diabetes race. Ryann is pretty pumped about that and has been calling it her race! I might not be able to go because I got hired for a big photography job! I'm pretty excited about it! I originally turned it down because I knew we were going to Seattle, but Doug (being the great supportive husband he is) told me that I just couldn't pass up that opportunity and that he would take Ryann up to Seattle so that I could do this. So while I'm bummed about missing Ryann's diabetes race I'm also very excited (and nervous) about this oportunity and I also know that there will be many more diabetes races to do.

So anyways, nothing really super exciting happening. Just fighting off illnesses, playing baseball, going to school (the kids) and upcoming birthdays and photography jobs.

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