Saturday, May 23, 2009


Okay, I know I still need to post some pictures from Ryann's birthday party (and I promise I will get to that soon!) It was a nice family BBQ by the way and the kids had a lot of fun, Doug put the slip and slide out for the kids to play on. They all got wet...well except for Jaxon! Doug took him down it once and he didn't not like it! LOL! My little man really doesn't like to get wet, atleast not that way. He likes to move into things slowly and cautiously unlike his siblings who seem to dive right into things!

Yesterday we took the kids out on the boat (we are going out again this afternoon as soon as CJ gets up from his nap). Jaxon has fallen in love with the boat ever since Doug took him out in it a couple weeks ago. Every day it seems Jaxon asks Doug to go boating! Yesterday was CJ's first time on the boat, usually I stay on shore with him while Doug takes the other kids out. This time though we got to go to and he loved it. Though he got tired of having to sit with me after a while and wanted to go explore the boat and he wasn't too happy with me for telling him no! Doogie, Jayde and Ryann rode on the new tube we got (a three seater). It got interesting when some of them would say slow down and someone else would be screaming "faster, faster!!" I particularly thought it was hillarious when we would go over bumps and they looked like a bunch of bobble heads back there (especially Ryann!) So we toed the kids over to Bateman Island so that the little guys could get out of the boat too and play. There wasn't much beach yet, since the water is still pretty high but they still had fun. Jaxon, even out of the boat like to stay right next to it. I think he was worried about it floating away without him! He did venture a little into the water (which was a bit chilly still though most of them didn't seem to mind it!) to get his feet wet. Doogie, Jayde and Ryann jumped right in the water and had a blast and I think CJ would of too. In fact Doug got on the tube to while we were on the beach and the three oldest took off into the water to get on too and before I could stop him he (CJ) went zipping into the water to catch up! He tripped and fell face first in the water (don't worry they were all wearing life jackets) but he still was having problems pushing himself back up out of the water so he could breathe. I was rushing through the water trying to get to him without falling in myself and yanked him back up. He was fine, and I think he learned a lesson...he was a lot more leary of stepping into the water after that.

All in all though it was alot of fun and it's nice that we can do things like this as a family. The kids are anxious for CJ to get up from his nap so that we can head out again on the boat! In fact I think Jaxon woke him up yesterday when he was napping. I had told him that we would go when CJ got up and not too long afterwards I caught him in CJ's room! What a little stinker he is...but he sure looks cute in his boating gear (as does CJ)!

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