Thursday, February 26, 2009


It used to be that Doogie hated reading time...well not reading time exactly...reading time where he had to be the one doing the reading. However, that all changed when he discovered Calvin and Hobbes. Now I will catch him lying in his bed or on the couch reading one of his Calvin and Hobbes books. Right now we only have two, but he checks them out at school since they have a couple as well. They are starting to look a little worn out already, I think it's time I found him a new one to love! In this case he wasn't reading Calvin and Hobbes but a new comic book that came with a new movie I picked up this week. Since one of his other loves is Dragons...when I saw the cartoon movie "Dragon Hunters" I decided to grab it and see if he liked it. And as luck would have it, it came with it's own comic book as well. He seems to like it okay, but it wasn't a home run like Calvin and Hobbes is for him. So tonight when I saw him lounging on my couch with the comic book after they had taken showers and gotten ready for bed (and yes, my couch is missing the cushions..they had been stolen by a few other children who were in the process of building a fort...though Doogie didn't seem to mind. And yes, he is in his underwear...he does not like pajamas! I think he finds them to constraining and he gets hot easily) I knew I wanted to capture that moment and show to everyone his new love for reading.

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