Friday, February 27, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

Today was pajama day at Doogie and Jayde's school (so we just made it pajama day for everyone!) In honor of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America they had a special green eggs and ham breakfast at school and then once you were done eating you could grab a book and read or listen to one of the many teachers reading around the room. I was glad I was able to join the kids for breakfast at school. Doug took the two little guys to Grammy's after he dropped off Doogie, Jayde, Ryann and I at the school and then once breakfast was over and school was getting ready to start he came back to pick Ryann and I back up. Then we took him to get his truck so he could go to work and then I took Ryann to school (sounds like a busy morning doesn't it...just wait, it get's busier!) After I dropped Ryann off at school I headed back over to Doogie's and Jayde's and attended their assembly and then afterwards they had a book parade where they paraded around the school picking up each class as the paraded around their classroom wearing their pajamas and holding their favorite book! I got some cute shots of the kids both at the breakfast and then later at the assembly and parade, being the yearbook editor does have some perks! But I'm really glad that I was able to share this with them and it was alot of fun to see how excited all the kids were. They have a good staff at the school and they really try to make it fun to learn. Ryann also got a kick out of being able to attend the breakfast part of the festivities. After she got done eating she didn't waste anytime finding a book and snuggling down to read! So anyways after the parade ended I headed back to pick up the little guys and then we went to pick Ryann up from school. We finally headed back home for a quick lunch and then went right back out to pick Doogie and Jayde up from school! Whew! Friday's are our crazy days since Doogie and Jayde get out early. So now I'm hoping for a quiet relaxing afternoon...but somehow I doubt that is going to happen!

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