Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Big Boy Bed...

Jaxon has graduated from his toddler bed to a big boy bed! We now have 4 kids in one room and Mr. CJ get's a room by himself now. Originally they all had their own room except for Jaxon and CJ who shared, but after a while Jayde decided she didn't like sleeping alone and moved into Ryann's room (you have to realize that these guys have all pretty much slept in the same room together for years...ever since we moved to TN). Then about a week ago Doogie got freaked out over a show he watched (think it was Star Wars the Clone Wars...the cartoon) and he didn't want to sleep by himself so he started sleeping upstairs with the girls on the floor. So today we moved up his bunk bed to the girls room and since Jaxon loves to sleep in Ryann's bed when the kids decide to camp out downstairs we decided that he could move in there as well. So we've been moving and cleaning things all day trying to get their rooms back in order. We moved out Jaxon's toddler bed so that CJ would have more room in his room (we also moved some of the toys into his room so that the other room wouldn't be as crowded since it now has four beds in it). And now the downstairs rooms are all torn apart since they aren't using those rooms any more we are going to do something else with them. So it's been a crazy day!

I also wanted to mention what an awesome day we had yesterday (Friday). After the kids all got home from school we spent most of the afternoon outside playing. I took a ton of pictures that I will share later. Then we decided to take all the kids out to a nice restaraunt for dinner. We talked to them about how they all need to be on their best behavior and what not, but we were still preparing ourselves to deal with some sort of crisis. Boy we were surprised...all 5 of them were perfect angels the entire time! Doug and I joked with them and asked them where our children were. They were awesome though, they didn't fight or argue with eachother, they shared, they waited their turn, they used their polite words and indoor voices. It was the best dinner we have ever had out with all of them! We went on and on to them about how proud we were of them and how much fun we had and they were feeling pretty darn good themselves. So hopefully they will remember this and more of our outings will go smoothly and we will all have alot more fun!

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