Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Soccer Games

What a crazy day yesterday was. Doogie, Jayde and Ryann all had soccer games right on top of eachother. So I only got to watch about half of Doogie's game before I had to take Ryann over to her game. Then I got to watch most of Ryann's before I had to take Jayde over to hers. Since Doug is couching Doogie's team he missed most of Ryann's and then he only got to see around 15 minutes or so of Jayde's (he actually ended up being the ref for a bit until the coach showed up) then he had to take Doogie over to a cub scout activity that they were doing (he helped me by taking Jaxon with him). Which reminds me if you want to buy some popcorn (flavored, plain, etc...) let me know since this is what Doogie is selling right now. Back to soccer though...they did pretty well considering it was their first game and Doogie and Jayde hadn't played for a couple years (not since we were in NJ) and Ryann hadn't really played at all. Doogie's team had all new players on it (the kids had never played together before), so I think this showed them the things they need to work on and to get them to play better together as a team. On Jayde's team the girls had already played together for atleast one season (Jayde was the new player). I think they would give Doogie's team a run for their money! Ryann's team of course was brand new, but some of them definitely have alot of raw talent! The biggest thing all of them need to improve on is to get more aggressive in there and go after that ball more. But otherwise I think they all did a great job. Jayde played goalie a couple times in her game and she did a pretty good job, she missed a few but then she also stopped a few. Ryann's team doesn't have goalies this year, but I think Ryann would make a great goalie! Sometimes when we are practicing in the backyard she will play goalie against Doogie and Jayde and she is not afraid of that ball at all and will dive all over the place for them! Next weekend will be another crazy Saturday and Doogie also has a double header, so instead of 3 games we will have 4! Only problem is one of Doogie's games is at the same time as Jayde's! Good thing they all play at the same complex though, that way I'm not driving them all over the place. I'll just have to race between the fields and catch as much of both games as possible!

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the Provident Woman said...

How fun! What great pictures!