Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

School started off smoothly for us on Tuesday. Doogie and Jayde settled right back in like they had never left (though I'm sure Doogie would of loved some more summer vacation!) Ryann went in later that morning for her kindergarten testing. She was pretty excited about it and she got to see one of her buddies from preschool there (unfortunately they won't be in the same class this year, but there's always next year!). She didn't go to school today, the kindergarten teachers used today to figure out where they were placing the kids and also figuring out who might need more help in certain areas. We found out this afternoon that she will go in the afternoon (like we requested) and found out who her teacher is. Tomorrow she goes for a shorten day to meet the teacher and what not and I get to go and hang out with her as well. Then starting on Friday she will start going at her regular times. I will take some pictures of her tomorrow for her first day, but for now I'll leave you with some of Doogie and Jayde. I have to laugh at how much more naturally Jayde poses for the camera than Doogie does! Guess it must be a girl thing!

Jaxon and CJ don't start preschool for another couple weeks, though they get to go and meet with their teachers next Wednesday and than starting on the 14th (for Jaxon) and the 16th (for CJ) they will get to start going to school as well. Jaxon really wasn't too pleased on Tuesday when everyone else got to go to school (even Ryann, for her testing) and he didn't get to go. He carried his school bag around with him for most of the morning!

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