Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why is that....?

We packed up the tent trailer on Friday and took a short camping trip this weekend. We got back Saturday afternoon (pictures to come later). This post isn't about our camping trip though, well not really. It's about Mr. Jaxon...why is it that when we are out an about he uses the potty perfectly but when we are at home he has accidents? I decided to put him in pull-ups for the camping trip and wouldn't you know it every single time he told me he had to go potty he was perfectly dry! Now when we are at home he will still tell me when he has to go but he will sometimes be slightly damp because he has waited a little too long to tell me. So I just have to wonder why this is... Maybe we should just run around and do errands all day every day and then he wouldn't have any accidents? Then again...that just sounds like way too much work!

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