Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun in the sun...

Today we headed over to the park for another preschool playdate (Doogie has made some friends there too, an older sibling and we got their phone number). After the park we headed over to Grammy's to say hello and had lunch with her. Then we drove her to costco to do some shopping, it was crazy, I couldn't believe how many people were at costco on a Thursday at 1:00! After Costco we stopped by Dairy Queen to get some ice cream. When we got back to the house the kids ate their ice cream in the yard while we unloaded the groceries. Then we headed back home to get a little rest before we head back over to Grammy's for some swimming and pizza. The kids are excited that Aunt Jenni will be there tonight, we haven't seen her since February and the kids have been missing her.

We've also had a great potty day today! Jaxon has been doing awesome, no accidents so far today (knock on wood). For some reason he seems to do better when we aren't at home! He went for me before we left for the park (I told him if he had an accident in his pants we would have to go home). While we were at the park he went and used the potty and then he used it again while we were at Grammy's and at Costco. We also bought a big bag of Gummy Bears while we were at Costco and everytime he uses the potty he gets to have one and also hand one out to everyone else. He seems to really like that, so hopefully we are on the right track to getting him potty trained!

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