Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping at La Wis Wis

Wow! What a great camping trip, though I'm still trying to recover from it! We left Jaxon and CJ behind with Grandma and Grandpa and just took the three oldest with us. I felt like I was on vacation without having to chase CJ around everywhere making sure he was staying out of stuff! We missed the little guys, but it was sure a heck of a lot easier camping without them.

We camped with a couple other families that we knew from Doogie and Jayde's baseball team so the kids all had someone to play with which made it so nice. The kids would go off together and just play for hours which meant us adults actually got to relax! Behind one of the campsites (our friends were camping next to it) there is a huge hill, the kids spent hours playing on it. They also liked to search for treasures...the treasures in this case being bb pellets. The orange ones for some reason were the hardest to find, so they really treasured those and were making trades with eachother. We joked around that next time someone needs to come early and scatter bb pellets all over the place for the kids to find because the hill combined with the bb pellets kept them busy for hours.

There also was a big river that ran next to the camp site. One of the places we went with the kids was called Blue Hole. It had some deep areas where someone had hooked up a rope swing from the trees so you could swing off of them into the water. On the side that we were on the rope wasn't long enough to get the kids out into the deep water so luckily one of the people we camped with had brought some ski rope and the guys worked on getting it hooked up. It still wasn't working quite well, but on the other side of the river it was alot deeper and there was another rope swing hooked up. The only problem was the current was a bit strong on that side. So Doug swam across with the rope and hooked it up on one side of the river while Richard (one of the other people we were camping with) hooked it up on the other end. We were trying to get the kids to wade/swim across and hold on to the rope so that they could swing off the other rope swing, than one of the adults would stay in the water and catch them so they wouldn't get swept down river with the current. After a few failed attempts one of the people at the river who had been watching us suggested we use there tube to go across on. The kids loved that, in fact they just thought it was more fun to go back in forth across the river. So the only people who ended up using the rope swing on the other side were Doug and Richard. Oh and did I mention that this water is freezing?!! The kids didn't seem to mind it as much and Doug said once we got in it didn't bug you as much (but I think that was also because there bodies were numb by than!)

We also went hiking up one of the trails with all the kids where they have a little waterfall. The kids had fun wading through the water and a few of the braver ones used the waterfall as a slide to go down. Once again...remeber that this water is freezing! What you can't see in the pictures is how there lips were quivering as they were wading in!

Anyways, we definitely had a great time and are planning on going back in August. The little guys will once again stay with Grandma and Grandpa. There is just too much water around for me to be comfortable with them going. Not to mention to get to the water you have to go down steep hills and then get back up them to leave! So I would of ended up just hanging out at the campsite with them while everyone else went to the water and that just wouldn't be any fun for any of us. I think they enjoyed being spoiled rotten by Grandma and Grandpa too, and it's not often that they get to have all the one on one attention since the other kids are usually around too.

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