Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

Well this certainly hasn't been the greatest Spring Break. No, don't get me wrong it wasn't the kids (though they all had their moments) it is the weather! This whole week, it has been windy, rainy and cool. So it made getting outside and doing things a bit tougher. Though we did do some things, Monday I tried to do a photo shoot that didn't work out to well because of the wind. Tuesday we got to see a baby zebra and kangaroo, still need to go back and actually look for plants next time (and of course see the babies again...I'll take my camera next time!) Wednesday we hung at home, and today we tried to go over to the duck pond...and while the weather seemed to be nice at home when we got to the pond the wind had picked up and it was a bit chilly. Afterwards, we stopped down at the river again and I attempted another photo shoot. I still am not super pleased with the photos I got, but the one good thing about the models being your own children is that you can try, try, try again! So here are a few pictures of the kids at the duck pond and you can check out my photography blog to see some of the group pictures I got of them down by the river.

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