Saturday, April 4, 2009

Princess CJ???

So as I was putting all the groceries away that Doug was kind of enough to go to the store and get for me, out of the corner of my eye I saw CJ and a flash of pink? So I turned around to be greeted by Princess CJ! Ryann had dressed him up in a couple of her things! Of course by the time I pulled my camera out, he had enough of being a princess and wanted it off. If you look closely you can see the tears in his eyes and soon after the picture was taken he was tugging it all off! Sorry the picture isn't the greatest, I had to snap quickly and didn't want to risk moving him to a different spot/location because he was already tired of being a princess anyways! Oh and ignore the very dirty door, between 5 kids and a dog it doesn't stay clean for very long. In fact I had just cleaned it not to long ago and then Ryann and Jaxon decided to clean it for me again with the dog's water!

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