Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Baseball Game

So Doogie and Jayde had their first game of the season this weekend (Saturday to be exact!) I think they did really well for their first game (much better than I thought they were going too!) I think everyone on the whole team atleast got one hit. Doogie struck out his first time up, but then got 3 hits afterwards and then Jayde got two. Jayde even fielded a couple of balls that were hit at her, she gets right in front of them too like I showed her (kid has no fear!) Now if we could get Doogie to realize that turning away from the ball is going to hurt alot more than getting in front of it and knocking it down with your mitt! It will come though...they've already come so far. It will be fun watching their progress! I think I got some great pictures of all the kids playing Saturday. Doug and I talked about me being the team photographer, think we are going to try and burn a CD of all the pictures for all the families (or we've put them up on snapfish to share them that way as well) I was thinking about making some sort of slide show at the end of the season to give to them all. Maybe people will like my pictures so much that they will think about using me for other photo shoots (besides baseball!) I was trying to shoot the pictures through the fence so it made it a little interesting (that and keeping an eye on three little kids!) Next time Doug said I can just come on the field and shoot from the sidelines so I should be able to get alot more shots that way. Oh and there are a couple of pictures of Jaxon sittng so cute in the bleachers!

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