Monday, March 9, 2009

Did you think I forgot about you....

Here's some fun pictures I took of the girls today. The weather was sure acting crazy, it went from sunny to cloudy and back and forth again. Then about an hour or so after we came back inside it started hailing! Then of course after I had already taken the girls out in the weird weather to take pictures (they finally kept asking me if I was done, because with the wind blowing it was a bit chilly) my new lens came (pretty excited about that)! But they didn't want to go back out for another photo shoot, so I will have to play around with it later!! And yes, Jayde was mad at me in one of the pictures (actually more than one, but I'm only showing you one of them. Took a while before she decided she wasn't that mad anymore!)...can you guess which one? Ryann on the other hand was being a big ham, she was having a blast playing in front of the camera. I got so many cute pictures of her it was hard to just choose a few to share with all of you!

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