Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad blogger!!

Sorry everyone! Looks like I've been MIA for a bit. I guess chasing around 5 kids, turning the big 30, and looking for a house to live in has kept us all pretty busy! I'm ashamed to say that I still have pictures that need to be downloaded off my camera from Christmas! I know, I know pretty bad! So let me see if I can get everyone up to date on what has been going on with the Crowes!

I turned the big 3 0 in February. Can I really be that old already??? Maybe I can just keep telling people I'm you think that would fly? Though in truth I feel way older than 30, so I guess actually being 30 isn't that bad!

Good news! It looks like we have our house in NJ rented....just need to work out a few bugs. And we have found a house here in WA!! As long as everything goes as planned we are going to try and close by the 20th of this month. We won't be moving in right away though since we are planning to do a little work to the house first. It is an older home and was a repo, but it is actually in reasonably good condition...we are just going to do a bit of updating. So we are all pretty excited about moving in to our own place again, getting settled and getting back on to some sort of routine again.

Doogie is still growing like a weed! We had his teacher conference on Monday and even his teacher was impressed with how much he has "grown". He is learning to deal better with other kids (the ones that "annoy" him) and finding better options. I think it helps that he has a wonderful teacher and she is really looking out for his better interests and trying to help him to succeed. I will be sad to be moving to a new school next year (since the house we are buying isn't in that school district). However we talked to his teacher about it and she said the other school was a really good school (her own kids went there). So that was reassuring. So he is doing really well in school.

Jayde is still Jayde! She has shown alot of growth as well in school and her teachers and school friends just love her. They always say Jayde is like a ray of sunshine everday she comes to school just so excited to be there and to learn. We laugh and just say you should see her at home! Naw, in all honesty she is a good kid and a ray of sunshine in our lives...just like all of them! They were also sad to hear about us moving to a new school district for next year...her speech teacher told us we couldn't take her away from them! One of the big things I was worried about was changing speech teachers (since I absolutely love the one she has now), but she reassured us that the speech teacher at the new school was excellent...and she said she would tell us if that wasn't the case. She has been wonderful for Jayde and is always looking out for her. She fought to get Jayde a extra helper in her class, that comes in for 30 minutes mon-thur and helps her with her reading and writing during their writing time in class. And she is getting her quailified to recieve help over the summer as well. So we will miss her next year.

Well it looks like I'm going to have to finish this update a little later. It's bedtime over here (actually pass it) and one of my little guys is having a hard time falling asleep... But I will try to update the rest tomorrow (or very soon!!!) I promise! And hopefully I can get Doug to download my pictures off my camera for me so I can show off the kids! :)

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