Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 Staples...

We had to take poor Jayde to the emergency room last night. I tell you, it always seems to be her that has to get the stitches (or staples in this case...) First when she was only two and took a header into a wooden step and had to get stitches by her eye, then again when she was 3 and got her finger slammed in a door (split her poor fingertip in half, not a pretty sight!) And now to add to the list she has 3 staples in the back of her head. Don't worry though she is doing just fine and you would never even know we were in the emergency room for 2 hours last night.

So here's what happened.... Her brother and her were wrestling around right before bed (after I had just told them no wrestling) and somehow in the all the chaos Doogie pushed her off of him and she went flying backwards and fell and hit her head right on the corner/edge of the wall and cut her head. I didn't even realize she was bleeding until I was rubbing the back of her head and my hand came back covered in blood...and of course you know how head wounds like to bleed. So I had to search through all of that thick hair of hers and see where the blood was coming from and she had a gash about 3/4 of an inch long. So to the ER we go.... She was such a brave girl though and actually slept through the entire process. I had to hold some numbzit stuff onto her wound for about half hour 45 minutes and by then she had fallen asleep on my lap. So the doctor came back in and washed and irrigated the wound and popped a few staples in her head without her ever being the wiser. So we are just hanging out at home for a couple days, since they said no strenous activity for a couple days (though she keeps telling me she wants to go to school!) I just have to keep an eye on it and clean it a couple times a day and she can't get her head wet for a few days. And then we will go and get her staples removed in a week.

So anyways, that was how we spent our night last night! I told her next time she wanted to stall about going to bed to find another way to do it! And of course poor Doogie just felt horrible about the whole thing! And he was pretty worried about her. The first thing he asked to do this morning was to see the staples in her head! I told him that it was just and accident and that we know he didn't mean to hurt her. And we had a talk about how when mommy and daddy tell them not to do something it is usually for a pretty good reason!

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