Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy (early) Easter!!

Okay, I'm back to finally get around to finishing up my update from last week. We just signed papers for the house today, but it will still be a couple days or so before it is officially ours. We are all excited about having a place of our own again. I'm sure we will all think it is Christmas again when we get all of our stuff moved in, the kids and I haven't seen that stuff for about a year now! So lets see, where was I....

I forgot to add one new thing about Jayde.... She lost her very first tooth last week! She must of swallowed it or something and didn't realize it, because it wasn't until she was brushing her teeth before bed that we noticed it had finally fallen out! At first she was a little upset because she didn't have the actual tooth and I think she was worried about the tooth fairy not finding it. I reassured her though that the tooth fairy is very good at that kind of thing!

So now lets move on to Ryann. We just got back from Spokane today for her check up at the endocrinologist (I think that is how you spell it!). Everything looks good and she is doing well. He gave us a couple tips on how to manage her blood sugar when she eats certain types of food, so we will have to try that for next time. She has been gaining back all the weight that she lost and is weighing in at 44lbs and was 3ft 4 1/2 inches tall. So she's a growing girl! She is such a funny girl...her teacher at preschool gets a big kick out of her. They have been doing some "plays" at school this month and she was just loving how into Ryann got. She thinks Ryann has a stage life ahead of her! LOL! But anyways, she is loving school and I love hearing about her day and listening to the new songs she has learned. Her best buddy is a little boy named Dylan, and she already informed me that she is going to marry him!

Jaxon is turning into such a big guy! I took him in for his 2 year check up in February ( I know... a little late!) He was about 39lbs...and I'll have to look up his height again. But he was over the 100th percentile in weight and also up there somewhere with his height. We laughed because he almost weighs as much as Ryann does. He is really turning into a chatterbox as well, and stringing his words along into 4-5 word sentences. He is such a little ham and charmer and can usually wrap anyone around his little finger.

C.J. is growing like crazy! I took him in for his 6 month check up in February with Jaxon. He ended up being in only the 5th percentile in his weight (I know, strange for any of my kids to be small!) And his height was in the 5oth percentile. So we have been working on getting him fattened up. We started him on formula and baby food...and boy is he loving it. His personality has totally changed to a happy little boy. I need to take him in for a weight check...but according to the scale here we think he has gained around 5lbs in a month! So I don't think we will be calling him skinny boy anymore! So he is doing really well. He is working on crawling. He gets up on all fours and will rock back and forth...then he will lunge forward. So he hasn't quite figured out how to get everything moving at once but I don't think it will be too much longer, I think he is very determined!

So I think that pretty sums things up! Doug got around to downloading all my pictures of my camera yesterday, but they are on the other computer so I can't get to them from here. So I will try to update again later with some pictures. But anyways, we hope that everyone has a great Easter weekend!

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