Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! The kids had a blast opening up all of their Christmas presents and playing with all of their new toys. They definitely have alot of stuff to keep them busy for a while now!

We have as usual been keeping busy with things. I took the kids bowling for their very first time last week. They had a lot of fun and we will have to do it more often now. They all ended up getting atleast one strike and a few spares...not bad for a first time bowler! I forgot to bring my camera though and I could just hit myself for it! I missed out on getting alot of great shots! I will have to remember to bring it for the next time! Then the day after bowling we took the kids over to the gym (gymnastics) to run around and play (Doug's friend is the owner and we were the only ones there because they were working on stuffing mats). The kids had a blast playing!

Jaxon is now a big 2 year old! His birthday is New Years Eve....that boy is going to have some fun parties when he gets older! We went and celebrated over at Dairy Queen and then had ice cream for desert (and I forgot the camera again!!! UGH!!) Afterwards we headed over to Doug's friend's house for New Years and brought the kids home around 10:00. Jaxon and Jayde crashed soon after, but Doogie, Ryann and C.J. hanged out in our bed and watched movies until they fell asleep. Doogie almost made it to midnight...he finally crashed around 11:30, maybe next year!

Anyways, nothing super exciting happening over here at the moment. The kids are on winter break until the 7th, so they are enjoying the no school! Ryann's blood sugar has been a bit goofy the past couple days, we've been getting alot of lows. So we are trying to get her situated and back where she is supposed to be. Doug is at the doctor's right now with Jayde...we think she has a bladder infection, though ever since Ryann's diagnoses I always think what if it isn't! But in this case I'm pretty sure that is what it is!

So anyways, the picture is one I took of my sister-in-law and the kids. It was a present from her to her parents for Christmas. I think it turned out pretty well...considering how many people are in the picture. Not to mention Ryann was being kind of a stinker at the time too (we than figured out that her blood sugar was getting low and that was why she was being so onry!)

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