Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've been such a slacker!

Well guess I haven’t done the greatest job updating my blog lately! Yikes! I promise I will try and do a better job in the future! So for now I’m going to overload you with pictures and give you a quick run down on what we’ve been up to!
In August it was Doogie’s 10th birthday and we took the three oldest kids and the baby to the water park in Idaho! The kids had a blast and it is definitely something we are hoping to do with them again in the future! In September I had a fellow photographer take our family pictures. She did a great job and I’m glad I had them done, even if the kids were not being very cooperative! Doug, Doogie, Jayde, Ryann and I started Taekwondo late summer/fall and we just got promoted to orange belts today! I’m so proud of everyone for sticking with it and not giving up, hopefully we’ll be able to go all the way to black if my old body will let me! My photography business has been taking off and is keeping me really busy! I love it! I love being able to capture all of these fun, personal moments for other people, I truly love my job and not many people are able to say that! Jayde turned the big 9 in November. She had a fun little cookie making party with a few of her friends. They had a blast decorating their own aprons and then baking and decorating cookies! Cassie is growing way too fast for me! I want her to slow down and stay a baby a bit longer, but she is having none of it! She starting crawling a few weeks ago and is loving all the new doors it has opened up for her! She recently discovered that she can get to the Christmas tree and has a lot of fun undecorating it for me! In fact all the kids are growing like crazy! Doogie is a 4th grader this year, he’s taken on the responsibility of being a safety patrol officer and also gets to help out at lunch time occasionally serving lunch. He really likes doing this and it makes us very proud of him. Jayde is a 3rd grader this year and is doing awesome! As always her teachers love her and she seems to make friends wherever she goes! Ryann is now a 1st grader! We lucked out and she has her teacher from Kindergarten who moved up with them! Which works out great for Ryann’s diabetes, since her teacher already knows the signs and what not. Either Doug and I go over to the school at lunch time and give her a shot and it is working out okay. We hope to get her a pump sometime soon. Jaxon and CJ are having a blast going to preschool 3 days a week. They would go every day if they could. Jaxon is going to be turning the big 5 on New Years Eve….I can’t believe he is going to be 5 already, not to mention getting geared up to go to Kindergarten next year! Which means we will have 4 kids in Elementary next year! Now CJ is an absolute riot! I really think he is going to be the class clown. That kid has the best lines and can deliver them at just the right moments. He always makes me laugh! He’s newest thing right now is talking for the animals. The baby….she’s great! She is loved and adored by all, she’s quite the little ham….I think she is going to have a wicked sense of humor! She loves her big brothers and big sisters and they all love her back, she gets such a kick watching them do things. All the kids are a great help with her!
I’m trying to think if I’ve missed anything big or important, but can’t think of anything at the moment. We’ve just been busy with life! Boy Scouts, girl scouts, soccer, basketball, taekwondo, school, photography, chess club…. I promise to do a better job at keeping this updated! So for now enjoy the pictures and we hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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