Friday, July 30, 2010


I didn't realize it's been so long since I've updated the blog! Summer has been keeping us pretty busy I guess! I will be looking forward to school starting up again and hopefully getting a little bit of a break and have more time to get things done. Since I will have 3 in school full time and then the little boys will be in preschool 3 mornings a week...which will leave just the baby and me 3 mornings a week. I might actually get things done now! Don't get me wrong...I love my kids and spending time with them and the not having to rush around every morning has been nice, will be nice to get some "me" time!

So let me see.... School got out in the beginning of June, but it really didn't feel like summer until July! The weather was so much colder than we are used to over here, it felt really strange wearing a sweatshirt in the summer! But now we are back up to our usual hot weather and have been taking advantage of it by going swimming, playing in the sprinklers, etc...

CJ turned the big three on the 14th of this month. Can't believe he is 3 already....where does it go? He's such a pistol, the kid just melts me... You can tell just by looking at him that he is full of mischief! I tried to get some pictures of him yesterday and he kept me hopping (as usual!) Going to try to get an outdoor shoot of him too as well.
Doogie's birthday is in a couple weeks. Since we aren't doing a friend party for him this year (since his birthday is in the summer and I have no way of getting ahold of his friends) we are going to go to a waterpark with the three oldest (and the baby too), the little boys are going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa and do fun things with them. Then we'll probably do a big family party for him around his actual birthday. He'll actually be gone right until the day before his birthday anyways on a Cub Scout camping trip.

The kids have also enjoyed seeing their cousins a couple times this summer. It's so nice that they now live closer and it's easier to visit! With all the kids being so close to eachother in age it's great that they can get together more frequently and get to know eachother better.

So anyways, nothing super exciting....just been keeping busy doing fun summer stuff! Enjoy the summer pictures!

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