Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a month it has been....

I have been a very bad's been over a month since I've updated! Between Hawaii, first haircuts, the fair and school starting up has just been crazy! So let me see if I can get everyone caught up on what has been happening over here.

Okay, was great! It is sooo beautiful over there and we enjoyed our little vacation. Calvin and I spent most of the days just walking around and doing some shopping and then when Doug would get back from his class we would head over to the beach or do some walking. On the last full day we were there we went snorkeling! It was sooo cool, the fish would pretty much come right up to you...absolutely amazing all the beautiful and bright colors! And everyone is just so nice and friendly over there!

Jaxon got his very first haircut! His hair was getting pretty long and would keep getting in his eyes...and I had been meaning to do it for a while, but time just kept getting away from me. He was soo cute sitting there on the chair getting his haircut. He sat really still for her and kept giving me these little shy looks...too cute! I of course got pictures of the whole thing and we also video taped him, it's amazing how much older he looks now.

Afterwards we headed to the Fair. The kids had soo much fun, we went over to the kids section and they had a stage set up where the kids in the audience got to participate too, so my kids not being very shy got right up there and put costumes on. And of course Doogie and Jayde just had to be the "germ cops" and pretty soon one of the "hosts" came towards me with a microphone and I got to be part of the show too, as the "germinator". My stage debut came at the end where I burst through the curtain in my germinator costume and my two little germ cops chased me around the bleachers with bubble guns and "killed" me! LOL! I'm sure it was quite the site and I have to say for that reason I'm glad we didn't have the video camera with us! Though my mom did get some pictures! But Ryann I think was really the one who stole the show as the "chicken princess". Boy did she look cute in her chicken costume and crown. Supposedly she lay a whole bunch of eggs in a certain amount of time and broke a record...and when asked how she felt about that, her reply way " I say OW!" I don't think there was anyone in the audience or on the stage who wasn't busting a gut!

School is back in session, and I feel like I'm never sitting still with either taking someone to school or picking up another! Doogie is now a first grader and goes all day, Jayde is now in Kindergarten and she goes in the afternoon and Ryann is in pre-school and goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. So I feel like a ping pong ball at times! But they are all really enjoying school and I do like the little breathers I get (in between taking or picking someone up) with only having to deal with a few children instead of 5! :)

I took Doogie and Calvin in yesterday for their check-ups (Doogie's 7 and Calvin's 2 month). They are both growing great and on track for everything. Doogie weighed in at 69lbs and was 51 inches tall (he's my big guy!) And Calvin weighed in at a whopping 13lbs and 24 inches! So he has grown quite a bit in just two months! He is such a good natured baby that even getting 4 shots didn't get him down for long... in fact I thought Doogie was going to start crying just from watching C.J. get his shots, he felt so bad for him!

Hmmm...lets see what else is happening??? Well Doug got a job we are just doing some negotiating and seeing if we can come up with an offer that both sides agree on. So keep your fingers crossed for us....we really want Doug back home for good!!!

So anyways, that's all I can think of at the moment. The computer that I have all my pictures on is currently unavailable (Jaxon is sleeping in that room) so I will try to upload some pictures later so that everyone can see how the kids are growing! :)

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Morgans said...

So glad you got to go and have a little vacation with hubby. The pictures are too cute. I bet you guys are all just waiting till Doug is home again. Hope negotiations work out good. Keep us posted. Stacy