Monday, September 24, 2007

Pictures as promised!!

Whew! Okay here are a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure! :)

There are pictures from Hawaii...that's Doug jumping off a huge rock in case you were wondering! Also some pictures of Jaxon's first haircut. Doesn't he look so sweet sitting there! What a big boy he is becoming! Then some pictures of our stage debut at the Fair...what a blast the kids had! Then we have our first day of school pictures, the kids looked so cute in their new clothes! Then just a few random pictures of the kids that I really liked and a cute one of C.J. showing off that smile of his!

Otherwise nothing too new to report...though it looks like we have come to an agreement in the job negotiating! So it looks like Doug will be home soon!! YEAH!!! So I'll leave you with that bit of news and a ton of pictures to look at! :)

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