Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yep, that's right I am headed to Hawaii! Doug is taking some classes over there and I told him that I would be really upset with him if he went to Hawaii without he bought me a ticket too! So I will take Calvin with me and leave the other kids with the grandparents. Hopefully they won't freak out about me leaving, since they are still sad about Daddy leaving at the end of July. But I will only be gone for a week, so that should help! And I'm sure the Grandparents will help distract them! So I'm pretty excited about getting to go to Hawaii and being able to see Doug, and it will be nice for him to see the baby again. I'm a little nervous about flying by myself with the baby, but I know we'll be fine. I only have to switch planes once and I have a two hour or so layover, so that will give me plenty of time to get to where I need to go! So now I just need to figure out what to pack!

So let's see, what else has been happening... I took Jayde back in for a recheck on her ear. She weighed in at 56lbs. Doc said the ear was looking good, the tubes are still in place and look great! He said that usually when they are around 5 you start thinking about taking the tubes out, since their body is getting bigger. But he said it would probabaly be a good idea to keep the tubes in through this coming cold/flu season and then seeing about taking them out after that and see how she does.

What else... The kids are all growing like weeds! I can't believe that my baby is going to be 7 tomorrow!! Where does the time go. We already did his birthday party while Doug was still in town, but I'm sure we'll still do something special for him tomorrow. All of the pool pictures are from Doogie's party along with the ones of him with his dinosaur cake! He loved it, the dinosaur was motioned sensored so if you walked in front of it it would jump out of the volcano roaring with it's eye's flashing! In the pictures you'll also see Jayde without any floaties on! She is working hard and learning how to swim and is starting to do really well without them on, though you do need to stay right by her.
Calvin took his very first "real" bath a couple days ago and loved it! I wish I had gotten pictures of him, but kind of hard to take pictures and bathe him at the same time! LOL! He was fussing a bit before I put him in because I had stripped him down, but as soon as I put him in the water he stopped crying and just took it all in! Jaxon and Ryann were watching me and they of course wanted to get in too! So after Calvin was done I let Jaxon get in. It was hillarious, he filled up the whole sink. But he loved it and was having a blast splashing water all over the kitchen! I of course got the camera out for that as you can see by some of the pictures! Had to pass on Ryann with getting in the sink though, we figured if Jaxon barely fit than she definitely wouldn't!
So anyways, that's pretty much all that has been happening with us. I uploaded a bunch of pictures for you all to enjoy! :) And I will post again after I get back from Hawaii to let you all know how it went. Hopefully the plane ride will go smoothly and we won't have any problems or delays! And now I better get going because my little guy wants to eat!
Oh and a BIG early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my first born!! Can't belive it's been 7 years already!!


Kesi Aurora Robinson said...

Have fun in Hawaii Rachael!!! Be sure to put on LOTS of sunscreen. My mom went in her 20's & got the worst sunburn of her life!
Happy B-day Doogie!! B is for big of course :) you are certainly that!! I remember all the grown- ups telling me how big I'd gotten & I always thought they were so weird. I got tired of hearing it all the time!! But grown-ups don't get any taller or bigger (perhaps rounder) so that's why we all say "My, look how big you've gotten!! LOL!! That an awesome cake Doogie!! When I was a kid, when we ate broccoli, (& I really hated broccoli) I would pretend I was a dinosaur tearing apart & eating these trees just to get me through the whole terrible ordeal!! Roar!! Gotta use the sound effects though or else it doesn't work too well. Well love you all & have fun everybody!! - Your cousin Kesi

Anonymous said...

Hawaii will be so much fun! Glad you get to join him and have some time with Calvin too. The pictures are great. They look like they had lots of fun! Happy Birthday Doogie!