Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Calvin Jamison

Calvin is finally here! The first picture you see is of him on Monday when we got home from the hospital and the other two are from when we were still at the hospital, the very last picture of him is when he is just minutes old.
So lets see here, where to start.... We got to the hospital at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday the 14th of July to be induced. So we spent the first hour or so just getting situated and hooked up to monitors and what not. Around 9:30 am my OB came in to break my water and see if that would get anything going. It didn't! I wasn't having much of anything happening. So finally around 1:30pm they decided to give me some pitocin to see if that would get things moving. The reason the waited so long to do anything was because of my previous c-section they wanted to move slow and see if things would move along on it's own without any help. They didn't want to risk things going too fast and then having my old scar rupture and what not. So after they gave me the pitocin things started happening alot faster! I told Doug that if they had given me the pitocin that morning we would of had a kid alot earlier! LOL! So the contractions started hitting me pretty hard after a while, so I got my epidural, and was able to get a bit of a cat nap in! Towards the end of my labor I had to shift around a bit because every time I had a contraction the baby's heartbeat would drop. The good news was that it did go back up after the contraction was over, so we tried lying on different way to see if the baby would like that better....but he didn't! So my OB came in to take a look and see what was going on. He said it looked like the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck so out came the ultrasound machine to check and sure enough... He said depending on how much longer I labored a bunch of different things could happen. If it looked like I was going to be going for alot longer I would of probably be rushed in for an emergency c-section. But it looked like Calvin was going to cooperate and be born soon. So they kept a very close eye on his heartbeat during the delivery if it looked like he was in distress they would get him out quick with forceps or the vaccum. Luckily though we didn't have to do any of that and I was able to get him out on my own within 10-15 minutes of pushing. Probably would of had him out sooner if he hadn't been sunny-side up! So Calvin Jamison was born Saturday, July 14th weighing in at 8lbs 3.7oz and 20 1/2 inches long! He is doing great and as you can see has a ton of hair! The kids are loving him and are always coming over and touching his head and checking up on him! I was a bit worried about Jaxon being jealous of him. But so far he seems to be doing really well with him and it is so cute to watch him come over and touch him on his stomach and look at him. The only times we seem to have a problem is when Jaxon is tired and he wants his mommy snuggle time and I'm feeding the baby. But it's not that he is jealous of Calvin he just wants me to hold him too!
We took Calvin in for his follow up at the hospital today and he is looking good. A little bit jaundiced but not anything to be concerned about. He weighed in at 7lbs 9oz, which is pretty good (he was 7lbs 11oz when we left the hospital on Monday). And the nurse thought that he had probably lost a bit more than that and is now gaining it back. He is a really good baby and hardly ever cries (knock on wood!) and he is a really good eater.
So anyways, that's about all that is new for over here! We are just working on getting everyone used to the new situation and getting on some sort of a routine! So I will keep you posted as things continue to happen!

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Morgan Family said...

Congrats Rachael. I am so happy for you guys. Glad you and Calvin are doing good!