Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 of 365

My sweet little girl, even when she is feeling bad she still tries to give me one of her sweet smiles. We had to take Cassie to the ER this afternoon. Around 3:00am this morning she woke up with a high fever, I gave her some motrin and then put her into bed with me. At a little bit before 7:00 am I was woken up to Cassie shaking next to me, she was having a siezure. We held her until it passed and tried to cool her down with wet paper towels and gave her more motrin. Most of the morning was spent with me holding Cassie while she dozed off and on and giving her motrin when her last dose wore off. At around 11:30 or so she had another siezure. Doug called our doctor's office and they told us if she had another one or was just not looking good to go to the ER. So I gave Cassie to Doug and went to go get in the shower. Not too long after I had gotten in, Doug came in and said we need to go to the ER she just wasn't looking good. So I got out as quickly as I could, got dressed and we headed to the ER and they got her in pretty quickly. The doctor wanted to run some tests (urine, blood, x-ray, flu and rsv) on her to figure out why she was having such a high fever (when we got to the ER it was 102.9) since she wasn't having any cold or flu like symptoms and since her heart rate was so fast (about 200). Poor little thing dozed off and on through all the poking and prodding. She even slept through most of her x-rays which the lab tech said he had never seen before! Luckily a couple hours later her heart rate went down along with her fever and all of her test came back normal. So we now just need to alternate between tylenol and motrin to keep her fever down and get the fluids down her since she was a little bit dehydrated. Poor thing is still conked out from her ordeal. I took this picture sometime between her first and second siezure.

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