Friday, May 28, 2010

Adventures in Camping...

Last weekend was Doogie's Boy Scout camping trip. Luckily it was only around 20-30 minutes away from home so the rest of the kids and I could go down during the day and hang out and then go back home at night. The kids were definitely worn out after running around the campground and playground all day, they crashed as soon as we got home and their heads hit the pillow. The weather also decided to cooperate that weekend (we were supposed to get some rain, but it held off until after the camping trip). Cassie definitely enjoys being outside, she was a pretty happy camper. I think our biggest "adventure" of the camping trip though was with CJ. I was holding Cassie and Doug was off doing some other things and talking to other Cub Scout parents, when CJ comes running over to me and told me he had pooped in his pants (and of course with us just being there during the day, I didn't even think of bringing extra clothes!) I quickly started rushing him towards the bathrooms (and luckily these were nice bathrooms, not porta potty's and they came equiped with a shower as well) looking for Doug as I went. I saw him on the way and handed off Cass to him and got CJ into the bathroom. It wasn't pretty...I ended up just tossing his underwear and then I remembered the showers so I thought "hey, I'll just throw him in the shower and get him all cleaned up." Someone had left a bar of soap in the shower thank goodness so I got him washed up and was letting him rinse off when I realized that I had nothing to dry him off with! So I grabbed some toilet paper and started dabbing at him...after doing this for a minute I realized it wasn't working that well (especially when the toilet paper would start sticking to him!) That's when I remembered the hand dryers! So here I am holding up my naked son to the hand dryer trying to get him dried off and I'm just waiting for someone to walk in on me! Luckily no one did and I was able to get him dried off and dressed again (minus the underwear) and back out on the campground. But I did learn an important lesson, always remember spare clothes even if it is just for the day (and normally he hardly ever has accidents) and make sure you bring a towel! All in all though it was a fun time and the kids really enjoyed it. We also decided that this campground and another one not too far past make for a great camping trip when we have the little ones with us, that way we are close to home in case of an emergency!

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