Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first time...

Yesterday was my first time going to pick up the kids from school all by myself. Doug had been doing it for me most days or going with me so I wasn't alone. But yesterday he couldn't get off work in time to pick up the kids for me. So I loaded up Jaxon and CJ in their wagon, put Cassie in the front pack and headed off to pick up Doogie, Jayde and Ryann from school. We hadn't gone far when all of a sudden I heard something fall behind me. No, it wasn't one of the was the front wheel of the wagon! Crap (among other things) came to mind! Now I was going to have to turn around with a broken wagon and get everyone back home and into the car to go and pick the kids up (and I would probably be late which meant I wouldn't get a very good parking spot and would have to haul the kids across the busy street to pick up the other kids). Luckily though, while we were walking back I found the missing piece that is supposed to keep the wheel in place. So I quickly put the wheel back in place and replaced the stopper piece and decided to go ahead stay with my first plan of walking to pick up the kids from school. Unfortunately, the stopper piece would start to slide back off occasionally so I would have to make pit stops along the way to push the piece back into place.

It was interesting, but we made it to the school just when the bell rang. I was also able to keep the boys from getting out of the wagon and making a break for the playground while we were picking the other kids up. I then recruited the other kids on helping me pull the wagon through the grass (while the wagon is easier to pull in the grass than push the stroller, it still is interesting to do when having a baby in the front pack as well....I definitely got my work out yesterday!). After we got past the school yards I let Jaxon get out and walk with the older kids, telling them to help me keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't run out into the street. Jaxon did really well staying with everyone though and listening. I kept CJ in the wagon, because I knew he wouldn't be as easy as Jaxon to control outside of the wagon! CJ was not very happy with this decision however and would howl at me from the wagon to let him get out! When we made it to the park down the street from our house I went ahead and let him loose and allowed the kids to run around for 5-10 minutes before we headed home.

So anyways, my first time picking all the kids up along with the little ones was interesting but we did make it! Now I just need to have Doug fix the wagon wheel for me (and check the other ones) so that I don't have to worry about a wheel popping off while we are walking! Today won't be as bad picking up the kids by myself since they have Chess Club on Wednesdays and get out later, so the parking lot will be pretty empty and I can get a good parking spot!

On other news, the kids are all doing really well. Cassie is still a pretty sweet natured little baby and the kids are enjoying her. Doogie got done with basketball at the end of February and we started right up with soccer (for all three of the oldest). Last weekend they had their first games and they all have improved a bunch since last year. It was a very busy weekend though, because not only did we have 3 soccer games to go to we also had 2 birthday parties on Saturday and then another on Sunday! So we definitely kept busy getting everyone to and from to their different activities. Ah well, such is our life with 6 kids!

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