Monday, March 1, 2010

Mr. Jaxon

So with the weather being so darn nice over here lately I decided to drag Jaxon outside to get some pictures (since I hadn't gotten around to doing his 4 year pictures yet!) He was for the most part pretty cooperative...until the end! Now I just need to do Jayde's 8 year pictures and I'll be caught up...for a little while atleast! I did Doogie's 9 year pictures back in December when we were having a warm spell....still need to post a few of his but the pictures are on a different computer right now. So I will try to post some of his soon as well.
In other news...things are going well. Jaxon and CJ's preschool registration was this morning. I was able to sign them up for the classes that I wanted (though Jaxon took the last boy spot, so we lucked out there!)
Anyways, we are all hanging in there and getting used to having an extra little one around! Thank goodness she seems to be a pretty easy-going baby so far! I just hope it continues! :)

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