Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Merry Christmas 2011

We hope everyone else has been as blessed as we have been this year. The Crowe Clan has been keeping busy as usual this year between soccer, basketball, girl scouts, boy scouts and a bunch of other school activities the kids have been keeping us hopping!

Doogie is doing well. He is excited about basketball season starting up and we are looking forward to watching him out on the court! He has been keeping busy at school with chess club, math club, safety patrol and peer helpers all which he really enjoys. Hard to believe he is a 5th grader this year and will be moving to middle school next year! He’s also still active in his boy scouts and we have enjoyed some fun camping trips this summer!

Jayde seems to be going non-stop with all the activities she is doing. She made a select soccer team this year and it’s been fun watching her grow as a soccer player. She makes a very good defender and goalie. We got the opportunity to take both the older girls to Portland to watch the US Women’s soccer team play against Canada. Needless to say the girls really enjoyed it, we were even able to snag Abby Wambach’s signature! Jayde was also invited to play on an AAU basketball team this year. Considering she had never really played basketball before this year she has done outstanding! You would never have guessed it by watching her play and her coach has been really impressed with her. She also keeps busy with her girl scouts, choir, chess club and math club. She is definitely a go-getter!

Ryann has also been keeping us hopping with her activities. She enjoys playing soccer as well and has been practicing year round with Jayde. Ryann likes to play the mid-field and also up as a forward, she’s leaving the goalie position to her sister! Along with soccer she has been keeping busy with her girl scouts and chess club. This summer she also got hooked up with a pump to help manage her diabetes better! Instead of getting 4 shots a day she just has to get her catheter changed every 3-4 days (definitely a lot better than getting poked 4 times a day!)

Jaxon is also starting to get into the sports scene. This year he got to play t-ball and soccer! He really enjoyed it especially having Daddy coach his soccer team. It’s hard to believe that he is a Kindergartener this year! He loves Kindergarten and has been making some really good friends. Every day when I pick him up, he and another of his buddies always give each other hugs before they go! He can’t wait until he is in first grade though so he can start doing cub scouts like his big brother, who he really looks up to!

C.J. likes to keep us on our toes! He keeps us laughing with all of his one liners (he’s definitely the comedian in the family)! He is enjoying being in the “big kids” class at preschool this year, but every week or so he still asks me when he is going to be in Kindergarten! He doesn’t like being left behind! He has informed us that he doesn’t want to play soccer like everyone else…he wants to play football! I don’t know about you, but I think that will be a good fit for him! He’s already got the tackling down!

Cassie…where has my little baby gone too? I’m having a hard time believing that she will be two in just a couple months! She is spoiled rotten by everyone and she knows she has us all wrapped around her little finger! She’s a very busy kiddo and it’s dangerous to turn your back on her for very long. Her recent shenanigan was to put bag balm all over her hair (which took about a week to get out!) However, it’s really hard to be mad at her for very long! She has quite the personality and knows how to use it already! Oh boy, are we in trouble!

Doug and I are doing well. Doug ruptured his Achilles tendon a couple months ago playing basketball, but he didn’t let that keep him down for long and was up and moving around again in no time. He is still working hard at his job with MSA and keeping busy coaching soccer, building his huge shed in the backyard and all the other projects he finds around the house! I’m keeping busy being a taxi service for the kids and working in their classes when I can. My photography business has been keeping me busy as well and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Hope your holidays are filled with laughter and joy much love from the entire Crowe Clan,

Doug, Rachael, Doogie, Jayde, Ryann, Jaxon, CJ and Cassie

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