Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93 of 365

Life is good as long as I have my blanket and binkie! She loves her blanket and binkies....and it has to be that blanket! I recently tried to go back to the store where I had originally found the blanket to begin with (I brought her home from the hospital in this blanket!) and they no longer had it! I did find one that was really similar to it (atleast in texture, softness, etc... wise) it just wasn't the same colored material (which I don't think she necessarily minded) and it didn't have the satin binding (that's the biggie!) I went ahead and got it anyways, hoping that maybe she would start reaching for it in bed...but so far no such luck. I'm wondering if I put a satin binding on it if she would want to use it more....worth a shot at any rate! God help us if we lose her blanket!!

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