Friday, January 22, 2010

Some baby news...

Okay, I know I promised some pictures and I promise I will get around to that soon! But I just thought I would give everyone the latest update on the Crowe Clan.

Kids are doing great! Doogie is enjoying basketball and cubscouts. He has his cubscout derby race tomorrow and he's very excited about racing his car!

Jayde and Ryann went to a cheerleading camp on Monday (the coach took a couple pictures of the girls with "their" cheerleader and I will try to post those soon. They had a blast doing it and they still go around doing the cheers they learn (with their little brothers now joining in! LOL!) Tomorrow they have a dance camp and then they will perform the routine they learned at the high school basketball games half time tomorrow night! So I can't wait to see it!

Jaxon and CJ are busy guys. Lately it's been like wrestle mania between them two! They love to wrestle eachother. I've been having to seperate them alot because I'm afraid they are going to hurt eachother! CJ is doing awesome on the potty, I think we can safely say he is officially potty trained! YEAH! Only took him two weeks, he caught on really fast!

I had my doctor appointment today and the baby is doing good. I am 4cm dialated and 70% effaced already (I am 35 weeks and 5 days along right now). It sounds like if I don't end up going into labor on my own before 38-39 weeks that they will induce me since I'm considered high risk (because of the antibody E situation). So as of now I get to have a stress test and ultrasound done every week until I deliver. The stress test is basically they put a couple monitors on my stomach (one for the heartbeat and another one to catch any contractions I have if any) and then I have a little buzzer type thing that I push whenever I feel the baby move. Pretty simple and I get to relax in a nice comfy chair as I do it! Today we were laughing because every time she would get the monitor in place for the heartbeat and then try to get the belt in place to keep the monitor there the baby would move and she would have to start all over again! I think it took her about 10 minutes to finally get it on! So anyways, the big question is...will Cassie come on her own or will she wait until I get induced? I have a baby pool set up so if you would like to enter some guesses go to: The game name is TheSixthCrowe (and you have to type it in exactly like spaces). So happy guessing everyone! :)

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