Monday, December 7, 2009

Another trip to the ER

Just trying to get our yearly quota in for ER visits... This weekend Doug spent some time in the ER with Jaxon. On Friday morning he started coughing at school and by that afternoon he wasn't feeling very good. He started having problems with his breathing and even after a breathing treatment he was still having some problems (a breathing treatment should atleast last him 4 hours and after 2 hours he was struggling again). So Doug took him down to the ER after dinner, at first he was diagnosed with pnemonia (can I just say I haven't been very impressed with our ER doctors...) So they were finally admitted up into the Peds unit around 9:00 that night where he got to see the same doctor that he had seen the last couple times he was admitted for breathing problems. The Peds doctor looked at his x-rays and said that it wasn't pnemonia but that we have now been officially diagnosed with asthma. So Jaxon (and Doug) spent the night at the hospital and were finally released Saturday afternoon. Jaxon is doing lots better. He has two different meds in his inhalers and he's also on a couple different antibiotics right now. The doctor wrote out an asthma action plan for Jaxon and we will follow up with our regular doctor next week. Though I hate the fact that he has astma, atleast we know have an official diagnoses of what's been going on with him. This way the next time we have to go to the ER, we can tell them that he has asthma and they can start treating him right away instead of waiting around for them to figure out what is going on.

Otherwise though we are all doing fine. CJ is almost done with his medicine for his ear infection (that he got at Thanksgiving) he still has a bit of a snotty/runny nose though. Jaxon is doing fine now that he is on his medications. Doogie, Jayde and Ryann all seem to be staying healthy (knock on wood, I always seem to jinx us when I say that!)

My last doctor's appointment went well. Baby is looking and sounding good. My last blood test did say that I was borderline anemic, but they weren't really concerned about it at the moment. However, if my iron levels don't come up the next time I'm in then they will probably put me on iron supplements. I've never had a problem with being anemic before...I told Doug that this little one is really giving us a work out! I have also caught a darn cold, so I'm working on fighting that off as well.

Otherwise though, everyone is doing good. Jaxon and CJ ask me almost every day if it is time for baby Cassie to come out yet! Taking them to the doctor with me that one time really helped get them more into the whole baby thing! CJ and Jaxon still talk about how the got to "talk" to baby Cassie!

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