Monday, October 19, 2009

Behind again...

I know I haven't been keeping up very well lately on the blog, sorry about that. This pregnancy has definitely been a lot tougher on me than the other ones...wonder if it's because I'm getting older?! I had trouble with nausea early on (well into the third month) with this one, I don't remember feeling that bad with any of the others. I definitely don't have all the energy I used to, I tire out way faster than usual. Usually by the time we get all the kids down to bed at night I'm ready to go to bed myself and during the day I'm going back and forth dropping and picking kids up from school. So to sit down and find a time to write down everything that has been going on takes some doing! Alright, enough of my whining!

Things (obviously) have been busy as usual. So lets see if I can hit the bigger points and get everyone caught up. Jayde had surgery a couple weeks ago to get her other tube out of her ear (her other one pretty much came out on it's own, the doctor was able to pull it the rest of the way out in the office at one of her appointments). It was a quick and easy procedure and she was in and out in no time. Her tummy didn't really appreciate the meds that much (they had to put her under) so she was feeling kind of sick for the first half of the day before she started feeling like her old ornery self again.

Doogie, Jayde and Ryann are having fun playing soccer. They end the season on Halloween. Doogie scored a goal in their last game! He was pretty excited about it and it kept a smile on his face for the rest of the game. Next Saturday we will have 5 games (which means we will pretty much be at the soccer fields all day). Both Ryann and Jayde have double headers and Doogie just has one game to play in. I'm hoping the weather will be nice for it!

Jaxon and CJ are enjoying preschool. CJ has absolutely no problem going to class and me leaving (though it probably helps that Grandma has been helping out in his class most days!) Jaxon loves going to school too, though I guess he hasn't been liking going to music class (which is strange since he really likes music). Hopefully that will pass and he'll start to enjoy it again. I get many people asking me if Jaxon and CJ are twins...probably because they are pretty close to the same size (CJ's a big boy!) They pretty much wear the same size, which is kind of nice that they can share clothes!

Baby girl is doing good. I go in tomorrow for another check-up with the specialist. When we were in the car one day after I picked up the kids from school we were talking about the baby in my tummy, when Jaxon all of a sudden turned and looked at me and yelled "Mommy, stop eating babies!!" I have to say I got a pretty good laugh at that! We were all laughing and giggling in the car. So now every once in a while one of the kids will tell me "no more eating babies!"

Anyways, the kids are getting excited for Halloween. CJ talks about getting candy in his bucket and saying "trick or treat". It's pretty darn cute when he says it, I have a feeling he will get plenty of candy! I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.

Well, can't think of anything else super exciting that has been happening...if I do I'll make sure to update the blog. I know I need to get some more pictures up as well. So I will try to do that soon.

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