Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching Up!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post something. Life has been busy over here! Doogie turned 9 a couple weeks ago (August 9th). We went and celebrated it over at Red Robin's (this is where Doogie wanted to go!) He had a good birthday and I still can't believe he is 9! It's been so much fun watching him grow and learn and turn into the great young man that he is. We are all very proud of you Doogie!

Last weekend we went camping again at La Wis Wis (pictures to follow). We had a great time, the weather started off a bit cool but by the last day it had warmed up quite a bit. Jayde got to see an old friend of hers from Jason Lee, the were Kindergarten classmates. Her mom and I went to highschool together so we all chatted a bit and let the girls play for a while. The only downside of the camping trip was that we were worrying about Doug's grandfather who had taken a fall and hit his head. He lost quite a bit of blood and we are so grateful that he is doing better and now home from the hospital. We are planning to get over there and visit very soon.

On the last day of our camping trip we decided to take one last hike around before we headed home. We ended up going over to one of the creeks. We had noticed on previous camping trips that there were little fish swimming around in them so Doug and the kids decided to try and catch some. The actually caught quite a few (mostly with a cup and trapping them), Jayde however caught four fish with just her bare hands! Maybe she has a fishing career ahead of her! They definitely aren't squeamish about touching and catching fish either! We decided to try and take them home and see how they did there. I was surprised that all but one fish survived the ride home. I went to the store and bought a fish tank and what not, but unfortunately the fish only lasted another day or so. There was just too many enviromental changes and what not. So we are planning on getting the kids some goldfish instead!

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