Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's been a while hasn't it?!

Yikes! Where does the time go? I keep meaning to get on and update everyone and than something would come up and distract me (big surprise, huh? with 5 kids running around!) We are all hanging in there though. Let's see if I can get everyone up to speed here...

Doogie is doing well, it's so much fun to watch him grow up right in front of our eyes. It's cool to have him read to us now and watch him sound out the words. I just look at him and wonder "where did my baby go?" I still can't believe he is 7 now! He's lost a few more teeth just in this past month, I just have to remember to go in after he's gone to sleep to leave his money from the tooth fairy. I forgot one day and didn't get in there until morning and luckily though he just thought the tooth fairy was late! He is very much into DRAGONS! He was even a dragon for halloween! I think I'm learning everything there is to know about dragons! But besides dragons he loves dinosaurs, lizards, frogs and all that good stuff that boys like! Last I checked his favorite color was blue...but I could be wrong now since it seems to change frequently! He is getting over a cold at the moment...he hardly ever gets sick and luckily when he does he recovers pretty quickly. Wish I could do that!

Jayde is doing great! She is having a blast in Kindergarten. She goes to speech 4 times a week, and according to her speech teacher (and also from what we have seen) she is doing really well. Her speech teacher thinks that Jayde is right on the edge of learning how to read. She is very print aware and we think that this is what is going to help us to get Jayde where she is supposed to be with her speech. So needless to say we are very happy to hear that! Jayde is such a fun child, she loves going to school and being with all of her friends...all the kids know her and she's is always giving everyone hugs (in fact she even has kids asking her for one!) She turned the big 6 last month, hard to believe 6 years have already gone by. She loves everything princess (she was even sleeping beauty for halloween) and girly and loves the color purple. She is also pretty excited at the moment because she has her very first loose tooth!

Ryann is doing good. She is also getting over a cold, she has an upper respitory infection and is now on antibiotics. I think we are starting to get a handle on her diabetes, though lately we've been fighting the highs with her and are working on adjusting her insulin doses to get her blood sugars back down where they are supposed to be. She is enjoying preschool and I love the fact that it is a co-op and I get to come and help out in her class atleast once a month usually more! And than of course you are always welcome to stay and hang out on days that aren't your helping days as well. She also has her first boyfriend in her class! LOL! Ryann's best buddy at school is a little boy named Dylan and if she doesn't get to sit next to him during circle, reading or snack time she gets a little bit upset! Ryann is also into everything princess and girly (she was malicefent, not sure if I got that spelled right, for halloween!) And she loves the color pink!

Jaxon is growing like a weed! He'll be turning the big 2 at the end of the month! He is such a big guy, in fact he's only around 5lbs less than Ryann! He's also been sick, he had croup and was on antibiotics for that and still ended up getting an ear infection (he also has tubes!) So now he's on some different medicine and is starting to feel more like his old self. He is such a little smartie pants! He is a big talker and is also starting to make 2-3 word sentences. And he is a huge Blue's Clues junkie (in fact he was Blue for Halloween)! He's a busy, fun loving little guy who loves to snuggle and loves soft cuddly teddy bears and all of those other things that little boys like to do!

Calvin is getting sooo big, can't believe he is already 5 months old! Poor little guy has caught the same crud that his sister had. So he is also on antibiotics and will hopefully start getting back to his happy self! He weighed in at a whopping 14lbs 10 oz at his appointment yesterday. So when he is feeling well he is usually a pretty happy and easygoing baby, he's always got a big smile for you and he squeals and gets so excited whenever he see's his brothers and sisters. Especially Jaxon, those two already have such a special bond! He is now rolling everywhere! I put him down on the floor to do some floor time and the next thing I know he is all the way over to the other side of the room! I think he is also trying to get some teeth, he's been drooling like crazy for the past few weeks...we jokingly tell Doogie that C.J. is going to take his title as the king of drool!

We are all very happy to have Doug back with us for good! He got back in town right before Halloween, which made the kids very happy...I know how much they wanted Daddy there for that! He is enjoying his new job and it's reaaly nice that he doesn't have to drive a half hour or so to get to work anymore!

So anyways, that's what's been happening with us lately! I really need to get some new pictures up on the blog, and I will try to do that soon! So it has definitely been a crazy and eventful year with moving, having C.J., getting Ryann's diagnoses of Type 1 Diabetes and then Doug finally getting a job here! I wonder what next year will bring?!

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