Monday, April 9, 2007

We Made It!!!

We left NJ bright and early Wednesday morning (April 4th) and rolled into WA Saturday (April 7th) around 6:00pm. We were able to make really good time since we had originally planned on getting here on Sunday! Thirteen states in 4 days...what a trip! And one that I hope I don't have to do again! The kids were real troopers and we actually only stopped to use the bathroom and grab something to eat. It probably also helped that we were able to split the kids up in two vehicles...of course we finally hit on the best combination the last day of the trip! We found that Ryann and Doogie do really well together in one car and than Jayde and Jaxon in the other. The kids were so excited when we got here, I don't think they want to get in the car for a quite a while! LOL! It was nice that we also got here in time to celebrate Easter with the family! Dinner was great and the kids had a fun time looking for easter eggs, playing with all of their new goodies and just hanging out with family. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter as well, we know we sure did!

Doug and I spent most of this morning (Monday) getting Doogie and Jayde registered for school. Doogie will start tomorrow, we will bring him in and we'll meet his teacher and they will take us a tour of the school...though I know it quite well since it is where I went! Next year though it will be different since they are in the process of building a new school there. He will be in morning kindergarten and only go half days, back in NJ he went a full day. He is pretty excited that he will be home early though! I just hope he won't be bored, since it looks like he might be ahead of the game here. I think the NJ school district's program is a little more advanced than it is here since he is already reading and writing. But it will only be for about 9 weeks until summer. Jayde will hopefully start sometime this week as well. Since she is in the special ed program we have to jump through a few more hoops. It did help that we had all of her evaluations from NJ and TN with us. The lady we are working with is supposed to meet with the evaluation team this afternoon and discuss Jayde's case and than hopefully get back to us either later today or tomorrow and let us know when Jayde will be starting. She will get to ride a bus to school still, however Doogie will be able to walk since he's school is just up the road from my parents house. We have Ryann pre-registered for Pre-school for next year and all I need to do is give them a call sometime so that I can take Ryann over there for a little tour...she seems pretty excited about the prospect of going to school like Doogie and Jayde!

So anyways, we are all doing fine. Just working on getting adjusted to the time change and getting back on some sort of schedule! Poor Jaxon has come down with a bit of a cold and has been running a fever for the past couple days. Hopefully he'll nip it in the bud soon though and be back to healthy self. Doug and I are both doing good, just worn out from the trip...though I think we would of been alot worse out if Doug's sister hadn't been with us! She was a such a big help, I don't even think she realizes how much she has helped us out and we are really going to miss seeing her everyday. But atleast Seattle isn't too far from us now and we will be able to see her alot more often and we wish her nothing but the best of luck with her new job!

Well think that's about it for now! I need to download some pictures off my camera from Easter and get some pics uploaded. But think that will be a job for later! Now I'm going to take a break and spend some time with the kids!

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